Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TCB - Elvis, Memphis and More

Well if I said I was tired before I left a few days in the air didn't help.  The flight over was good but didn't sleep as much as I would have liked.  We arrived at LAX at 8.30am and I was a little disappointed I didn't book the connection to Nashville which was at 10.30am (though these days one must thank their lucky stars for their next breathe after flying!)  Instead we were on the red-eye so we had booked a room at the Travelodge near the airport for a half day.  Well that turned out to be a stellar idea.  Not only did we see that preferred flight to Nashville disappear from the departures screen while waiting for our bags, we got to have a shower, snooze, swim and sun-bake without the stress of a missed flight.  And a nice club sanga from the adjoining restaurant Dennys was perfect.  Not so perfect was the flight to Nashville  however - still as tired as tired can be, but could hardly sleep, except of course in the last 15 minutes of the flight when I suddenly went out like a light.

Arriving in Nashville at 5am local time feeling like a zombie was not ideal but hey when I'm on holiday every minute counts.  We picked up out car - all very casual - we had a compact but the guy said for making us wait "if you see anything else you like out there in the lot - just take it", so we did.
Next stop Tupelo, birthplace and childhood home of Elvis, but via the Natchez Trace Parkway - a National Park of some importance and definite beauty. We saw Bambi's and wild turkeys by the dozens - many turkeys walking across the road in front of the car, where Rob discovered the origin of the term "you turkey!"  Despite that it was only two days ago, I find myself having to stop and think what we did, we've done so much and had such little sleep since we arrived.  Driving through the national park we passed many historical monuments and natural wonders - a camp area from Trail of Tears, waterfalls, and many Civil War monuments and battlefields - Shiloah being one of the most significant. And lots of little Southern towns. We had to drive out of the park to find brunch, with nothing really open because the day of rest is still obeyed in these parts of the South. So some crappy fast food, but with some town characters to amuse, the Tennessee drawl fabulous, we weren't complaining.

We finally hit Tupelo early afternoon and visited the Presley family home, which was the first of many Elvis pilgrimages we have made since arriving.  Driving to Memphis later in the day, after a nap we headed down Main Street, and then Beale.  Having visited Beale in '87 - wow it's changed, touts and tourists, so we went wandering about town.  I spied a 50s hotel sign, only to find out it was the Lorraine Hotel, the very place the Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Amazing place, we could feel the history.  We ended up for dinner at a place nearby which was fabulous, and with only a beer under our collar we headed back to our hotel.  We were so tired therefore an early night was needed so that we could take in the Monday schedule of Graceland and Sun Records.  Sleep was something that was so needed and also to fuel us for the big Monday Elvis pilgrimage!

Monday up and at 'em - the schedule: breakfast; Graceland; Sun Records; Dinner!
Nothing let us down - we had the best time at all, so much so I will describe in my next post. But we love Memphis - the people are divine, the service is genuine and more than we  could ever expect at home - we feel so spoilt! Graceland and Sun Record were unbelievable and so interesting, and so sad too.

We really believe in the TCB philosophy of Elvis and the town - they have taken care of us!


  1. Hi You Two,

    It sounds like you are having a ball and making the most of every second despite jetlag. The streetscape looks amazing. Love the pics of you providing back up for the king, whilst Rob looks like he has gone native!! Have a great time and keep the blogs coming. Its vicarious fun when chained to an office desk!!!! Kxx

    1. Thanks Kel we are having a ball - went to the Opry tonight!