Friday, July 29, 2011

Goodbye Mexico, hello USA

The last few days in Mexico were lovely and relaxing, just spent by the sea, well actually in it, in the hammock, or exploring round town. We also had a small box of beer to finish so there was much hammock swinging and beer swilling to be had on Wednesday afternoon. We also took a walk to find the famed Posada Margarita hotel and restaurant, and on smelling the aromas of the garlic and seeing the pasta people were lunching on, we decided it would be the restaurant of choice for our last evening in Tulum. Number one on Tripadvisor and I know why. Certainly it looked like a bit of a cashed up hip - fashionista hotel with many tables full of gorgeous people swilling euro wine and eating the lobster dish of the night, but it was most welcoming to mere mortals like us too. I had the famed fish cooked in sea water, famed for a reason I can assure, and Rob had the vegetable fettucine. While prices are high you get good service, and lots of complimentary thing, beginning with an antipasto plate which was huge and which I probably ate too much of, and then a free little dessert tasting plate with a sliver of tiramisu and two pots of homemade gelato, pistachio and vanilla - yum. We also had a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio and some San Pelligrino to wash it all down with - a nice change from the cerveza and margarita diet we've become accustomed to. And yes we are still in Mexico. Our waiter was lovely and recommended we try and see the turtles as we were staying on the beach that they visit in vast numbers. So upon our return to the cabaƱas we sat on the beach in the dark for two hours, not seeing one but enjoying shooting stars and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Oh well the night before was 'the' one with lots of tracks on then beach that morning, and upon inspection the very next morning, it only looked like one visited the night we camped out, though obviously after we went to bed. There are three different types of turtles that come in and lay their eggs including the giant ones. Oh well, we decided we will have to come back again to see this. The next morning we woke, our last morning, to a very rough sea, a storm on the way, but not a problem for us as we too were on our way, on our way to the USA.

And here we are, in Wichita Falls Texas, about 100+ miles out of Dallas and so begins our road trip, let's hope with not too many issues, but lots of adventure. Our big bonus - we got upgraded from our el cheapo Ford focus to a nice big Jeep 4WD, at the el cheapo price. Now with a fist full of maps we are heading west, full steam ahead, for Friday night in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Viva the South West.

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Location:Wichita Falls, Texas

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