Friday, July 22, 2011

Mexico or bust!

We are set, all packed, house clean, raring to go.  I even have a killer tan and I haven't been anywhere warm yet, picked it up on Easey Street Collingwood, amazing what you can find in these parts!  I am loving my tan nearly as much as my lashes, I am turning into everything fake, this could get expensive.

Our house and dog sitters, Simon and Letitia came over last night. Pixie and Chief don't know how lucky they are, saved from 3 weeks sleeping in the shed.  A big thanks to Simon and Letitia!

Now the wait for our chauffeur to the airport (aka Mark), and so begins the excitement, adventures, trials and tribulations that travel can bring.  But I'd never have it any other way, this is what I live for, and certainly the only reason I get out of bed and go to work (sorry boss).  So nearly 17 hours of air travel in front of us, that does not include any delays, but we should make it to Cancun by around 7.30pm today (their time not ours).  So hopefully by 10pm I will have the first of many margarita's in hand and be chowing down on huevos rancheros by morning.  I'll keep you posted on the way, better go and look at hurricane warnings and Qantas industrial action news now.  Hasta Mexixo, viva!

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