Monday, July 25, 2011


Just spending lazy Sunday afternoon by the pool, having a few cervezas, enjoying the sun, with the lovely cumbia and mariachi music wafting in the background. It's a lovely hot, steamy afternoon. Yesterday, not long after our arrival here we got caught in a tropical downpour, the type I often see monsoon and post monsoon in India. There was crazy thunder and lightening and fortunately we experienced most of it all from inside one of the best and most popular restaurants in Merida. Famous for it's authentic Yucatan cuisine, La Chaya Maya is popular primarily with the locals, with a few gringos thrown in. The food was divine, we opted for a shared Yucataneca plate of specialties, with the Poc chuc being the stand out, along with the handmade corn tortillas. We then walked around town, which is a lovely example of colonial Mexico. Famous in colonial times for it's sisal, the city was built on the trade and production of this fibre. One of the most beautiful buildings however is an Art Deco theatre, so divine. Rob returned to the hotel for a nap while I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening shopping for some local specialties as well as more generic day of the dead stuff. Returning to the hotel at about 7pm, I had a quick dip to cool off, before we headed out for mas cerveza, y comida y margaritas! All made better with the live salsa and cumbia band, music, food and fiesta being the most important ingredients in Mexican life.

And now I'm about to go for a walk, while Rob hangs out by the pool. We spent the morning wandering around, many of the downtown streets closed to traffic except for bicycles and pedestrians. Sunday is THE day in Merida when the whole city becomes a fiesta. Now that I've had a swim and drink, I'll head out for some more lovely Mexican ambience and adventure, not to mention shopping, before we head out for dinner at Pancho's (as in Villa - hero of the revolution Mexicano). Viva Mexico, viva la revolucion!

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Location:Merida Mexico

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