Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hola Amigos

I'm in love again - this beautifiul country has already captivated me, all in a few hours.  The language, the people, the food and the bebidas, not to mention the mariachi have all but stolen my heart.  And I am already plotting my return.

We arrived in Cancun about 7pm local time but it was near 9 when we reached our hotel.  A quick shower and a Mexicana recommendation for dinner and we were off.  Initially we ended up in the wrong place, but a cerveza later (Bohemia) and we were on our way to La Parrilla - the sound of mariachi drawing me in.  A complimentary margarita and I was enslaved to them, our dinner, the drinks and the music all bringing a tear to my eye and a tug on my heart.  I must have been Mexican in a former life, and Indian in another - why do they draw me in but other cultures don't?  How I am going to savour these days in this divine country.

We are downtown in a very Mex barrio, not tourista town - so for the night it will be great, and tomorrow we go to Merida.  More cultura, more Mexico, me gusta mucho!

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