Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tulum - paradise on earth

Yep we've died and gone to heaven. This place is paradise - both Tulum and our hotel Cabanas La Conchita. We have just finished an early morning dip in the Caribe - and have decided that we are only ever going to the beach here! Oh I wish. The water is divine, no cold shock, clean and not too big a surf, but enough to keep us amused. The sand is white and fine and our beach is small and relatively empty, shared only with the other guests of our 8 room hotel, and the turtles that come in at night to lay eggs and then return to the ocean. The hotel is very Eco - solar power with electricity (lights) only between 7 and 10pm, and fan from 10pm til morning. No tv, no wifi, no power points. Our roof has a thatched palapa roof, and it is very pretty, almost like being in a tree house, with the beach only metres away so the sound of the surf is ever present. When we arrived yesterday afternoon, hot and tired from our trip from Merida, we quickly dumped our bags in the room and headed into the water.
After about an hour in the balmy sea, we retreated, found the local tienda (shop) where we bought some cerveza and snacks and sat on our porch, one of us swinging from the hammock. Dinner at a local beach hut Trece Lunas, where my Spanish was really put to the test with a very long conversation with Jelli the Guatemalan waitress. I also fed and played with little, Luna, the resident dog, with the rabies thing only a passing thought. A few margaritas later, and a divine fish dish for me, and tacos for Rob (not of the gringo variety), and it was time to hit the sack, for what was a divine nights sleep, the ocean as our lullaby. There is really nothing better than waking and going for a swim in the sea, particularly the Caribe. And it's not even 9am, and the sun is hot, the sky is blue, and the day is ahead of us. This may have started something very expensive, as it's not round the corner, but it's already deep in our hearts.

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Location:Tulum Mexico


  1. Sounds like you really have found Paradise!!
    I have a feeling Mexico is going to be added to out list of must see destinations!!

  2. Just had a look online at your paradise on earth - very noice. Most envious of beach and warm weather. A tad chilly here!! Travel safe. K