Sunday, August 7, 2011

The big day

What an awesome, fun, wonderful day we had yesterday. From go to woe it was just action pack, so enjoyable, totally perfect. For those of you not in the know, we tied the knot yesterday, under the 'Welcome to Las Vegas sign'. We always said the only way we'd ever get married was in Las Vegas with Elvis, so that's what we did. I have not had so much fun in ages, everything was just fantastic.

The day had been in the planning for some time, though I had my pessimistic feelings that things would be just so so given the entire thing was just booked over the Internet with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings. The only time I spoke to anyone was on Thursday afternoon and that was a 5 minute conversation. They hadn't used an Elvis for a while so I didn't even know what era he would be and given my dress was 50s - 60s style I was hoping for one related to that era vs fat 70s Elvis. And oh my god - Elvis was hot and in gold and a fantastic guy. In fact he was our witness also, Chad being his real name. And he sang 3 songs for our ceremony, under the sign in the searing Las Vegas summer heat of 106 degrees. And I got to sing back up harmonies (maybe I sounded more like a crying cat who knows but it was my wedding). He sang 'Love Me', 'Burning Love', and 'Blue Suede Shoes', one at the start, one in the middle, one after the ceremony. Chad Givens (Elvis) - you were awesome!

Anyway back to the before. A big thanks and much gratitude goes out to my friend Marie Smyth, who helped me with my dress, made me a garter with a 'borrowed' 5 of hearts on it, and managed to keep a big secret for a couple of months. I loved my dress, the fabric divine (at $250 a metre it would want to be), and the style fantastic 60s. Marie meticulously placed the pattern for cutting so as to get the flowers central and the patten even. And despite her desire for us to dress 'carni' she really was instrumental in making me feel and look fabulous. THANKS!

I had my ring made in India by my jewellers, again all organized by email, using my nana's diamonds and a nice blue sapphire, to match my dress, something blue (even though I had blue undies on and blue in the dress), and it is also my birthstone. I wore my mum's pearls and carried the same horseshoe she carried at her wedding. It was special!

On Thursday we picked up Rob's tux, shoes, etc. from the hire place, I had a spray tan to help even me out after my roasting in Mexico, and I organized my make-up by MAC, Towns Square, Las Vegas. We also bought some Moet, some Elvis sunglasses (even though they were 70s Elvis with sideburns attached), and I had my nails done - which was almost the highlight of the week, particularly for Rob cos it was almost the same as the Angela Johnson comedy routine (google it - it's hilarious), and we have been talking in that manner ever since! Oh and we also went power shopping to the premium outlets, and to Sephora, Bettie Page, and Fredrick's of Hollywood! What a day (plus breakfast at Tiffany's - the diner used in the Eric Bana, Drew Barrymore film, Lucky You, then Neon Museum - best thing in Vegas - love, love, love it).

So the big day arrived, showered, set my hair, off to MAC for my make-up (was gonna do it myself but I was scared I muck up the false lashes and MAC is so cheap and always good). Michael Ruff did my make-up, it was just perfect just what I wanted, and he was awesome! Back to the Signature and I scoffed down some fried rice and a couple of glasses of Riesling and then teased my coif into a birds nest (unintentional), put on my frock and black birds net veil (matched the hair), got Rob polished, and off we went to our waiting limo, a big black limo, how fab! Michael our driver was great, we headed to the sign where we met up with Elvis, Paula our minister, and Steven our photographer, and the show was on the road. It was sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun, I was laughing so much, I cannot tell you what a good time was had, no nerves, no dramas, just how it should be FUN! People kept pushing in front of us, but we finally got our turn which was good as they were all in shorts, us all in suits, dresses with flowers, hot hot hot!

The ceremony was nice, Elvis and his songs, reference to the history and longevity of the sign, used as a parallel for marriage! It was really noisy as Las Vegas boulevard travels each side of the little island with the sign, and given this Rob nearly messed up his vows - he thought she said 'love and sport' (how convenient given his love of sport), though the word was support. But it was all really nice but best of all fun, after 18 years it was worth the wait, though getting married has never been that important to us.

Champagne followed after the ceremony in the limo on the way to our photos. We had a photo shot at the Neon Museum which again was fun and again hot. Back to the hotel for beer, then off for dinner at the 'Top of the World' restaurant 85 floors up in the Stratosphere tower. And what a view of Vegas from this revolving restaurant, the food and wine capping off the day.

So if you ever want a Vegas wedding, I totally recommend Las Vegas Scenic Weddings, Chad, our Elvis, Michael at MAC, and the lovely Betty Willis designed sign. What a day!

(ps I did chuck in a few Muriel's wedding references i.e. Sophie Lee's (Tania Degano's) cry, 'Iiiom a Brioide!'

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