Friday, August 12, 2011


Here we are in LA, and only 24 hours left for moi. Napa was expensive, well anything to do with vino, if Australian vineyards charged like that for tastings, no one would go. We had a bit of a drive around, and we also checked out the town, which was divine, quaint, very old town USA. But as we were a day behind schedule, and cos we are flexible, we decided to skip San Fran and head to LA. We did however stop in at Kermit Lynch, a wine merchant in Berkeley, where Rob was like a kid in a candy store! All French wines at prices never seen in Australia, so another dint was made in our purse.

We then jumped on the 5 and hit LA, well actually decided on Pasadena, a gorgeous part of greater LA, old time route 66, and a current favorite for Mad Men locations. Yes the Maddict I am means I had a list, and we visited the Draper house, well the one used in seasons 1 - 4, with Betty moving out late season 4. We also had breakfast at Andy's, a diner used in the episode where Pete and Peggy organized the fight over the ham. There are tons of locations round LA, I could spend all day checking them out.

The rest of yesterday was spent in Hollyweird, on the boulevard, after lunch at Pinks hotdogs, an LA institution on La Brea since 1939. We dined last night at a place, again on La Brea, called Cube, which was absolutely sensational, very hip, amazing food, great service, chosen as they allow byo and Rob had a grand cru he bought in Berkeley. It was an awesome night.

And today, my last full day. I think we are going to Santa Monica for a swim, maybe to downtown and Venice, a bit of a shop, and back to Pasadena to Banana Republic for the launch of Janie Bryant's Mad Men collection. They are having cocktails at a few of the stores and we got invited as I asked about the collection, thinking it was already out. It's all about Mad Men! And I also have to pack, that should take all night.

It's hard to believe it's nearly all over, what a time we have had, and it really feels like we have been away forever. I will have to start planning the next one now!

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