Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fear and Loathing in Brisvegas (ohh and freezing)

Arrived in sub zero temps of Brisvegas a few hours ago, well it feels like it anyway.  Now waiting, waiting til my flight to Melbourne which isn't leaving til 7.55am.  Am totally overwhelmed by the offers for a pick up at Tulla, glad I didn't overdo, or even do any "gift" shopping, guess I'll keep the excess for Pixie, Chief and me!  Oh well at least I'll fund some students education or curry for the day.  Probably just as well as after nearly 24 hours of travel - I stink and look vile!

Seems Rob is enjoying the golf, will get on line and see who's in the lead in a sec, watched it on the flight from LAX to Dallas, go Adam Scott!  The week before the Bridgestone I said to Rob we should put some $$ on Adam Scott for that tournament and the PGA and he told me no.  We were in Vegas and you can bet on anything and I would have cleaned up on the Bridgestone now wouldn't I.  Oh well shoulda, coulda, woulda!

Good flight back from Dallas to Brisbane, had a couple of nice margaritas at DFW airport, followed by a vino with dinner on the plane and off I went to sleep, tired, tired, tired.  Woke, watched 'Water for Elephants' then breakfast and then we landed.  Had a nice woman next to me, a Spanish scientist coming to Australia for a job interview so some good conversation to pass the time.

Hasta Melbourne (brrrrrr), Viva!

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