Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movin' on!

We arrived in Napa last night after spending the afternoon with my old friends Fred, Laura, and Bill from my days in LA circa '86 and '88. I stayed with them for extended periods on both trips, and it was the first time I'd seen them since. It was a nice catch up, albeit short, but better than nothing.

We finally left Vegas at about 1pm Sunday after extending another night. Another very old friend, who I hadn't seen since '86, but have talked to on the phone and corresponded with (both snail mail and the modern contraption email/FB) over the years was flying into Vegas on Sunday for business so we stayed another night so to meet up. I can assure you it was great to stay another, in fact I could have stayed the rest of the trip there I was having such a great time and loving the Vegas vibe. So we did some extra shopping, visited the sign in civis, more eating, drinking, and chilling until the meet up Sunday. We organized a late check out on Sunday and Mary came by with her boss and picked us up and we went out for Sunday brunch buffet at the Mirage. Again a short but sweet time was had, great to see Mary after all these years, and such a coincidence that we would be in the same place at the same time! My fortune cookie did say everything was coming my way.

We then moved on heading to Reno deciding against the route through Death Valley, going for the easier and direct road, albeit boring desert landscape. We hit Reno about 9 hours later and holed up at the El Dorado Hotel and Casino, scoring an upgrade cos we were 'newly weds'! Another buffet yesterday morning now means the diet is imminent, these things are dangerous!

We are now in Napa, it's a cute little town, but the valley has yet to be explored. We are running one day behind schedule now, and will now miss the Beach Boys at Ventura County Fair, but hell, it's good to be flexible. We have two nights booked in LA but other than that we can do as we please. So San Fran may get bypassed and we might head to the beach instead. Hey you can't do everything, although it feels like we have. Although I have only been gone less than 3 weeks it feels like months, it has been so action packed, I will need a holiday when I return. Only 4 days til I jump on that plane at LA international airport, 'where the big jet engines roar' and Rob heads to Atlanta for the US PGA. Viva!

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