Monday, August 1, 2011

Navajo Nation

Yesterday we drove from Gallup, New Mexico, to Chinle, Arizona to visit Canyon de Chelly. The canyon is on the Navajo reservation and is controlled by the Navajo nation. We had organized a guide as this is the only way you can enter the canyon, other than just doing the rim drive, as Navajo families live and farm on the canyon floor. We met our guide, Francine at 9am and spent the next 5 hours traveling and visiting the ancient Anastazi and Navajo ruins and paintings in the canyon, as well as hearing about the Navajo people. It was fantastic and we later did the rim drive, which other than Spider Rock and the vast vista panoramas, does not really do the ruins justice. The rest of the day was for relaxing and laundry.

Today we are heading to Monument Valley, scene of many old Westerns. We are staying in a new luxury hotel called The View, right in the park, each room with a view of the iconic Mittens and other rock formations. I also hope we get to do a bit of walking, depending on the heat out here in the desert.

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Location:Arizona USA

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